Why is Boston Real Estate So Expensive?

Boston Has One of the Least Affordable Housing Markets in the Country As anyone who lives in and around Boston (like me) knows, Boston has some of the highest real estate prices of any major city in the United States. Our great city also has some of the highest residential rental rates in the nation. … Continued


San Francisco Housing Market 2019

What You Need To Know About San Francisco Housing Market in 2019 San Francisco has a very fascinating housing market. They just surpassed New York with the highest cost for housing in the United States.  According to San Francisco 2019, the housing market will be a pretty good investing opportunity. If you are potentially … Continued

5 Signs A Traditional Sale Isn’t Right For You in Boston

A traditional sale isn’t right for every house in Boston. Some houses and situations will find greater benefit by selling quickly and directly! Find out if it’s the right choice for you in our latest post! A direct sale isn’t always considered by Boston homeowners, however, it should be. With expensive commission costs and no … Continued

How To Sell Your House With Tenants In Boston

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Connecticut Home Sales July 2019 Market Update

Home sales in the state of Connecticut in July 2019 were down 6 percent from last July. On average, homes sell for about 2 percent below their asking price. The typical home that sold last month sold for $314,000, which is 3 percent less than the year before. At the same time, the number of … Continued

4 Costs To Expect During The Probate Process In Boston

The probate process can be costly and time-consuming. It isn’t something anyone wants to deal with, however, most people will have to deal with it at one point or another. Learn more about what to expect during the probate process in our latest post! If you are forced to deal with the probate process, you … Continued

How To Sell Your House With Code Violations In Boston

Do you own a run-down, damaged, or unlivable house that you want to sell? Learn more about how to sell your house with code violations in Boston! If you own a run-down or damaged property in Boston, you can feel stuck or obligated to a property that isn’t doing anything for you. Maybe you think … Continued

How To Avoid Probate Court In Boston

Dealing with probate can be a long and frustrating process. In our latest post, learn how to avoid probate court in Boston! Nobody wants to have to go through the probate process. By planning ahead, people are able to avoid probate, giving their families the peace of mind they need when dealing with a sad … Continued

How To Sell Your House To Avoid Foreclosure In Boston

Do you need to sell your house to avoid foreclosure in Boston? Learn more about what you can do to stop the bank and save your credit in our latest post! Nobody wants to deal with the foreclosure process, but unfortunately, it happens to good people every day. While foreclosure rates are down to about … Continued


4 Easy Ways To Sell Your Land In Greenville

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Why Selling Your Home is The Best Option in 2019

With 2018 closing amidst skyrocketing home prices and ominous signs that the US economy was facing a potential economic slowdown, it was no surprise that people were fearing a repeat of the real estate market crash from 10 years ago. Despite these signs, the impending doom never materialized. Thankfully, the conditions that brought about the … Continued