How To Sell Your House Fast In Hackensack, New Jersey

Warren Buffet once said, “Price is what you pay, value is what you get.” Meaning that price and value are not always one and the same. Any wise home-buyers/investors will have this mindset for investing in a property that may hold potential cash flow in the future. Place yourself in a wise investor’s shoes and think about the value of your home and what it can be sold at. Below are some key examples of what investors may look for when buying a house. 


A wise investor will look carefully at the current housing market in Hackensack to determine if it’s worth investing. Take some time and google search the potential housing market in Hackensack, NJ. According to Zillow, the median home value in Hackensack is $298,800. The home values have gone up 8.8% since last year and now Zillow is predicting that it will go up 4.8% within the year 2020. Now, this is great news for home-buyers/investors, but even better news for home-sellers. 

Remember, price and value are not always the same. A wise home-seller will use the home value as a guide to set their price. Home-buyers/Investors will look at your price and the median home value of your area to make an offer to you. This offer may vary depending on the condition of your home and the housing market in your area. Pricing is key to attract home-buyers/investors.

To get the most value of your home to the current median value, it is going to require a few investments of your own. According to some research, home-buyers/investors’ behaviors tend to lean on first impressions. What is more eye-catching than a pristine lawn and freshly painted house? If you are interested in a more in-depth discussion and how to sell your house fast, read no further. Below are some, but key steps you can take into consideration to selling your home fast without losing much value. 

Boost Your Curb Appeal

The first thing a home-buyer/investor will see even before entering your home is the aesthetics of your house. It can be as simple as keeping your lawn mowed, bushes trimmed, and windows cleaned. Simple stuff like freshly painted walls can easily bump up your home value. So consider investing some time and money to boost your curb appeal. 

Do All Necessary Repairs

Home-buyers/Investors will always look for flaws in your house to negotiate a lower deal on your home. This is not necessarily a bad thing since they will need to have it repaired once the home is purchased. If you want to avoid losing that value you can potentially get, take some time to repair the interior of your home. A simple fix of leaky pipes could save you thousands of dollars. Even just replacing old light bulbs, shampooed carpets could go a long way to increase your home value. 

Price It Right From The Start

This can be very crucial for you if you need cash fast and not having your house sit on the market for months. This also comes from the knowledge of what you’ve researched in your area and knowing what the typical home value is at. So make sure you price your house right so that you can attract home-buyers/investors to work on a deal with you. 

Even if you have to price your home well below market value to increase the traffic of investors to your door, maybe also an option for getting better deals. Just remember, no home-buyer or investor is going to purchase a home that’s priced near or even to the median home value in your area. 

But I Don’t Have The Time Or Finance To Invest In My House…

Sometimes life hits you hard and that your priorities may change drastically. If you are in the darkest time in your life, financially, and just want to sell your house fast, it is possible if you look in the right direction. Many Home-Buyers/Investors will be more than happy to purchase your home with cash to get you out of financial troubles. Hackensack is known for having high foreclosure rates and is predicted to happen within 2020, according to Zillow. If this your current state, it’s time to look for a trusted Cash Buyer to help you get out of financial troubles for fast cash.

Companies such as Fast Home Sales will buy your house fast for cash. These types of companies are very helpful especially when you are behind in mortgage payments, moving jobs/location, avoiding real estate agent commission fees, and/or at risk of foreclosing. The last thing you want is to be forced to give away a lot of your time and investment to a bank that never actually owned your property. If you are in this state of your life, please take some time to look for trusted Cash Buyers, such as Fast Home Sales, to help you get out of your financial crisis and even get some incentives in return. 

Beware Of “Unethical” Cash Buyers And Discounted Brokers

Unfortunately, not every cash buyers out there are honest and ethical. These greedy “investors” will take advantage of your darkest, financial time in your life and offer you cash for your home dirt-cheap. They may not even give you an incentive for purchasing your home.  Yes, they may still help you from going through foreclosure and taking a big hit on your credit score, but your house and livelihood are still worth something. 

Don’t let these types of “unethical” cash buyer companies dictate and manipulate you just because you are desperate for a way out. Do some extensive research and find trusted cash buyers that can help you get out of potentially foreclosing your home. It’s best to work with a professional cash home buyer such as Fast Home Sales who is up-to-date on the current trends of the real estate market in Hackensack, NJ. 

Taking some time to research on google about legit Cash Buyer Companies can help save you tens and thousands of dollars that could be lost in taking a dirt-cheap offer from “unethical” Cash Buyers for fast cash.

Selling your home in Hackensack, New Jersey or anywhere in Bergen County, NJ doesn’t have to be difficult.

Rob Morris

Real Estate has been a passion of mine since my early 20’s when I looked at buying real estate in my college town rather paying for room and board. It’s enjoyable for me to take something that is broken and fix it! People call me the King of Process as I have a knack for seeing how things are done now and finding simple ways to make the process more efficient and effective. I live by my 3 T’s: Teachable, Tenacious and Team player and try to surround myself with others who do the same. I’m from and currently reside in Boston, MA. I have a loving wife of 3 years named Emily and 2 sweet little girls named Grace and Gianna. Like Dan, I love coffee and ice cream (so much so that I dream to open a coffee/ice cream shop as a hobby one day).

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