How To Sell Your House Fast To A Company That Cares

How To Sell Your House Fast To A Company That Cares

Below is the transcript from our most recent podcast on Enterprise Radio which is part of the Epodcast Network.  In this episode, Co-Founder of Fast Home Sales, Daniel D’Ambrosio, details “How To Sell Your House Fast To A Company That Cares”.


Eric – This is Eric Dye and once again welcome to Enterprise Radio,  the EPN channel for exclusive interviews with entrepreneurs, small business owners and some of the world’s top executives.

Today we are joined by Daniel D’Ambrosio the founder of Fast Home Sales which offers their clients an alternative way to sell their property without the hassle, stress, and fees associated with a traditional sale and he joins us here today to share how to sell a house fast to a company that truly cares.

Mr. D’Ambrosio thanks for joining us here today on Enterprise Radio

Daniel – Eric thanks so much for having me

Eric – and of course we’re happy that you joined us and looking forward to being informed per your expertise. So your business is a little different because more business for you doesn’t necessarily mean selling as it does for most companies but you are looking to buy homes but even still this purchase process can be incredibly competitive. I’m on the right track here do correct me if I’m wrong.

Daniel – For sure Eric this business is really different. You think you know typically in a sales process and it’s super competitive but what we’re doing is looking to buy now. I was in sales at Oracle for a while and when doing that there might be three or four different competitors kind of trying to win the same business right now as we’re looking to buy properties it’s not uncommon to have 10 or more competitors trying to buy the same home I’m actually looking to purchase.

It’s crazy now!

Eric – Taking that even further with a home purchase it’s all about the numbers right so I mean if buyer a offers 150,000 and buyer B offers 200,000 it’s a pretty easy decision for the seller right?

Daniel – Well Eric, yes I mean it is about the numbers but yes and no. Of course, the seller cares about how much they’re going to get and there are times that it’s only about the money but you know that’s actually not always the case. Many times sellers have called me and said that they want to go with us even though our offer may not be the highest.

Now, this is within reason, our rule is we pay as much as we possibly can while still running a
profitable business. We’re not trying to get rich on any single purchase. We want to serve people one at a time and present the best solution we can.

I always tell people that my goal is to understand their situation and then offer them the best possible solution in the marketplace, even if that solution doesn’t include us and this has been something that’s been you know a really great thing in serving the clients.

Because like I said many will come back to us in the end.

Eric – And of course I’d be curious has this approach work for you? Could we get into some of those details from what you’ve seen?

Daniel – You know this is our philosophy. We try to think of each person that we work with as we want our parents or grandparents to be treated. We want what is truly best for them.

Reminds me of a story. There was once this woman who called me on a Monday and she just said I have to sell my house by Thursday. I must sell my property so in a situation like that you know there’s some motivation, there’s an opportunity for us to just serve and to meet her needs and to potentially get a good deal.

We are a business, we’re looking to make a profit and so I shoot out there on Monday and meet with her and we’re talking a little bit. I want to get deeper than just the numbers. I want to understand what’s truly going on with this woman who was in her sixties.

We started to talk a little bit and she said I need to sell my home because my boyfriend is in a prison camp in Africa. Now if this was true, this would be terrible. I started to dig a little bit
deeper with questions. Can we talk to your boyfriend? Can we get on the phone with him and figure out really what’s going on here.

As we dug deeper, we found that her boyfriend wasn’t at all in a prison camp. This was a scam where someone was trying to get her to sell her property and transfer all the money – to supposedly release this guy from prison.

So in that situation, I just told her, “Ma’am, don’t sell your home to anybody. We certainly don’t want to buy it under these circumstances and it’s just it’s not a good move for you”.

We try to treat them the way that we would want our parents or grandparents to be treated. Sure, you know from a financial perspective we left some hefty profit on the table. I could have come in and made a really aggressive offer. I’m pretty sure she would have taken it but that
just doesn’t match with our values and who we are. I know the type of thought and carefulness and treating people right comes back.

Eric – I truly agree with you on that and it was a great example that you just shared today. We are with Daniel D’Ambrosio the founder of Fast Home Sales which offers their clients an alternative way to sell their property without the hassle, stress, and fees associated with a traditional sale and he’s joined us here today on Enterprise Radio.
Continuing on Mr. D’Ambrosio, what does caring actually mean? I know that’s kind of a funny question and that was a good story with the lady but what about the guy that’s behind on a few
mortgage payments and just needs to sell. It would be all about money for him

Daniel – Right, yeah for sure you know, of course, they have needs, help with money and other circumstances in their lives. There’s always the question of where is he going to live afterward and then there are other questions that I need to think through how much if any equity does he have in his home. Is there a chance that we can actually get him into a better home for a similar or even lower payment? Can we partner with him to get him more than he could get himself and when exactly does he need to close?

There are so many different questions that we need to answer. That’s why you’re right Eric it is about the money right when people are looking to sell their home and want to get as much as they can. But it’s about so much more than that – it’s about really finding what is the best solution for that person.

There have been times when you know we’ve sat down with somebody and the best solution doesn’t include us and that’s okay. We’ll point them in the right direction and tell them, this
is what you need to do. There are other times where we really truly are the best solution. We can come in and give them a good fair price. We’ll figure out a way to get them into a better property.

Sometimes, somebody’s in a home that’s just in terrible disrepair. Maybe they’re elderly or maybe they just haven’t been able to care for the property. But it’s in one of these neighborhoods that are really emerging and started to see some value and we can literally
trade their property for another house and for no money get them into one that’s really fixed up in nicer condition.

So it’s a situational basis but really this idea and this principle of caring for people is something that you know produces great great great results for all parties involved.

Eric – and of course I’m very appreciative of your response and your input there that is most helpful and by the way, on a personal note I certainly appreciate your approach. Good stuff here.

Now, what are the fees typically associated with selling a home – you guys versus someone utilizing a real estate agent or a big-name iBuyer?

Daniel – I’m so glad you asked that question! This is one of the things that we love and our clients love – that there are no fees in working with us and what we bring to the table and why so many people work with us is because we just make it incredibly easy the sale process.

When we agree upon a number that’s the number that the seller will get! The number will not change with us. We’re literally paying all of the attorney’s fees, we’re paying the taxes on the property, we’re taking the home 100% as is. And “as is” doesn’t just mean the conditions of the house. We even mean leaving your stuff you don’t want. We’ve had it go in houses and you know fill up four or five dumpsters of their old stuff that’s left. Sure this was an extreme case that’s not normal but usually, people are moving out and they’ll be like you know we really don’t want that couch anymore or these other things.

We will take care of all of that and just make the process super easy and there are never any fees charged for our services.

Eric – Well this certainly has been great having you with us this morning. A lot of good information and I really appreciate what you do at Fast Home Sales.

In conclusion, are there any closing thoughts, a takeaway, a final tip or anything else you’d like to share along the lines of our conversation today?

Daniel – I just want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to speak with you on this podcast here. It’s been a lot of fun. I do want to say if someone in the audience who is listening or someone they know is looking to sell, then definitely reach out to us. Like we said we’re not gonna try to fit a square peg in a round hole and jam a solution that doesn’t fit.

I think we would be a good starting place for you to look at all of the options and give you the
pros and cons of selling your home. Whether it be by “for sale by owner” or selling on the market with a real estate agent or selling to an investment company like ours. We hope to get the chance to serve you in the near future.

Eric – and again it was great to have had you with us and really appreciate what you do in the space.

Again, listeners, it is Fast Home Sales, Mr. Ambrosio keep doing what you’re doing and thanks so much for joining us here today on Enterprise Radio.

Daniel – Thank you so much I enjoyed it!

Eric – and I did as well, we have been speaking with Mr. Daniel D’Ambrosio the founder of Fast Home Sales which offers their clients an alternative way to sell their property without the hassle, stress, and fees associated with a traditional sale. Once again its FastHomeSales.com.

This is Eric Dye, you’ve been listening to Enterprise Radio a part of EPN in the Enterprise Podcast Network. tune into our live location, as we are streaming live 24/7 around the world at epodcastnetwork.com/ life.

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How To Sell Your House Fast To A Company That Cares

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